UK Military Spending Cuts Considere...

As UK’s economy makes a slow recovery, the continued cuts in military spending can disrupt and ultimately weaken the country’s military strength, ...


Obscene images of the dead young gi...

Stuart Hazell, 38 was charged of murdering a 12-year-old schoolgirl Tia Sharp who was missing on the 3rd day of August. The accused was the forme...


Lifestyle Subsidy questioned by the...

Chancellor George Osborne stated a question whether the state would liable to pay the lifestyles of murderers such as Mick Philpott. Mick Philpott...


UK’s Retail Sales and Public ...

Chancellor George Osborne brought good news when the retail sales and public finances data was improving but this news from the Eurozone could pos...

UK Military Spending Cuts Considered by Army Chief as Dangerous

As UK’s economy makes a slow recovery, the continued cuts in military spending can disrupt and ultimately weaken the country’s military strength, warns military chief.

General Sir Peter Wall said that further cuts in military spending can compromise the UK Army’s future plans and damage its competence in many areas.

This year, the UK military faces another huge cut in spending from the government. The army is already reduced from 102,000 to 82,000 personnel during the 2010 defence cut. Sir Peter expressed his opinion about the spending cuts being very disruptive because the gap between the plans for the military future and the budget needed continue to grow at an alarming rate.

However, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said that talking and warning the public about spending cuts is “no way to do business”. But the impact of the spending cuts actually exist. A senior British officer in Afghanistan warned about the depletion of military resources. General Nick Carter said that they are bound to point out the risk to their political leaders and to determine if the risks taken are manageable.

The British troops in Afghanistan continue to be under serious risk as their numbers continue to lessen as Britain is withdrawing their military presence from Afghanistan.

Obscene images of the dead young girl Tia Sharp found in the accused memory cards

Stuart Hazell, 38 was charged of murdering a 12-year-old schoolgirl Tia Sharp who was missing on the 3rd day of August. The accused was the former boyfriend of Tia Sharp’s grandmother. The judge was told that the 38-year-old man had a sexual attraction on the 12-year-old victim. Tia’s dead body was found in the attic of her granny’s house in South London a week after she vanished last August. Mr. Hazell from New Addington in south London pleads not guilty on the allegations.

A photo of a child thought to be Tia in her bed at her grandmother’s house was shown to the judges by Prosecutor Andrew Edis. Bloodstains were seen in the beddings in the photo, believed to be taken last August, when the prosecutor said that Tia died. Tia had been using her Blackberry mobile phone to call her friend until 00:42 BST on August 3 but since then she was never contacted again, says Mr. Edis. The photograph and the examinations of the pathologists revealed that the marked found on Tia’s body was a sign that the girl’s body was removed after she was murdered and was probably positioned on the way she looked in the photograph.

As stated by the jury, two memory cards containing pornographic images of young girls were found in the house, one was found in the doorframe’s top while the other one was in the kitchen. At least three videos of Tia sleeping together with 21 still images of her were also found in the memory card. The prosecutor added that the young girl’s dead body had been wrapped warily in a sheet and bin bags before it was tightly sealed with a tape.

Lifestyle Subsidy questioned by the Chancellor

Chancellor George Osborne stated a question whether the state would liable to pay the lifestyles of murderers such as Mick Philpott. Mick Philpott has been put to jail for a lifetime after being found guilty of killing his six children at his Derby house fire. He was labeled as a “Vile Product” of the welfare system by some newspapers.

Mr. George Osborne said that a debate must be conducted whether the state must be responsible to subsidize lifestyles like that.  Labour accused Mr. Osborne for making a political capital out from Philpott’s incident. Philpott was convicted of manslaughter together with his wife, Maired and a friend named Paul Mosley for a revenge that went wrong. He would be in prison or a minimum of 15 years, while his wife Maired and friend Mosley would serve at least half of their 17-year sentences.

During the trial, the prosecuting lawyer told the jury: “Michael Philpott did not want to go to work. He just wanted a house full of kids and the benefit money that brings.” Philpott received £8,000 a year for child benefit for his 11 children, and income support coming from his wife and mistress. After Philpott’s conviction, debate raged online over claims by some commentators that he was a product of an overgenerous welfare state. The government should made known that the people who are having benefits are shocked and disgusted by the incident that Philpott had made. Michael Philpott had achieved a famous name in the news as “Shameless Mick” and “Britain’s greatest scrounger” before Mick’s trial began.

UK’s Retail Sales and Public Finance Data Improving

Chancellor George Osborne brought good news when the retail sales and public finances data was improving but this news from the Eurozone could possibly be hitting the UK. After the chancellor has announced the UK Budget for 2013, the feedback and the news coming weren’t good. The recent news that came to the chancellor was his much needed positive news despite all the criticism he has received following the announcement of the Budget plan.The recent news indicated that the public finances and retail sales in the United Kingdom was doing well than expected but this was not taken as a good news from the Eurozone.

Chancellor George Osborne could be focusing more on the situation because it could impose a huge impact on UK’s economy and its growth that will be expected this year. It was reported that the activities of the manufacturing and service sector all throughout the Eurozone that is composed of seventeen nations has fallen to a very low level. The Eurozone believed that this will still recover. The said situation has compromised the country of France and Germany. According to a reading from the analyst, the GDP has been consistent from 0.3 percent in every quarter.

The crisis experienced in the Eurozone was also due to the bailout for Cyprus. It was projected that the future of the Eurozone will depend on Britain. This was part of Chancellor Osborne’s speech. It was known to everyone that Europe is the biggest trading partner of the United Kingdom and it was the Eurozone crisis that is responsible for the fall of export good and services in 2012.

Emergency Cash for the British personnel in Cyprus

Emergency loans were provided to the British soldiers in Cyprus. When the news broke out about the levy on savings, the people in Cyprus started to worry and this has stirred many protests in Cyprus. The UK government has promised to protect the British people who are working in Cyprus and has assured them that they will not be affected with the proposed levy on savings.

The RAF plane from the Britain carried a total of 1,000,000 Euros allotted for the military personnel in Cyprus. The UK Defense Ministry stated that the sending of the 1M Euros will be part of the countries contingency plan to provide the British military with emergency loans in case they would be affected by the controversial levy that could cover ten percent of the savings in Cyprus. It was also reported that Cyprus needs £8.7 Billion as a bailout to save the banks.

The huge sum of cash was delivered every week by an aircraft flying between Britain and Cyprus. A spokesman of the Defense Ministry said it clearly that the cash is only part of a contingency measure and will not be released until the situation would require it to. The Ministry has also asked the military personnel if they would prefer to have their salaries deposited in a UK bank account rather than the Cypriot accounts. The banking crisis in Cyprus could have an impact on the British people serving in Cyprus but according to the MoD they will try their best to protect and help their people and that they should not be affected by the crisis.

Prime Minister on minimum alcohol pricing

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron has abandoned the proposed plan on the minimum alcohol pricing in the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister says that increasing the price of alcohol would restrain the problem in drinking. A lot of the conservative members were angered on Mr. Cameron’s decision. Meanwhile, most of the ministers say that the plan for a minimum price will penalize the drinkers who used to be responsible.

It was reported that the plan was opposed by the officials in the Treasury. Most of them have argued that when the plan takes place, it could probably reduce the tax revenues. There were key government officials like the Home Secretary, the previous Health Secretary, and the Education Secretary had pressured the Prime Minister not to support the plan. The British Medical Association has encouraged Mr. Cameron to save the lives of many and save the country’s money by supporting the plan.

The Conservative MP, Sarah Wollaston described what she felt and said that she was devastated with the abandonment of the plan. She also added that when the price of the alcohol would be lesser, there is a huge tendency of people dying early. She had an interview with BBC’s Radio 4’s and gave her statement. Many of the Conservatives had negative reactions towards the Prime Minister’s decision. A lot of them gave comments and criticized the abandonment of the plan for a minimum alcohol pricing which they think would be of great contribution especially to the health. It was also suspected that the plan would not push through because of the few officials supporting it.

British Banker’s Association’s view on the interest rate swap scandal

The British Banker’s Association headed by its CEO, Anthony Browne said that there is really no excuse for mis-selling. The association also released a statement about the mis sold interest rate swap scandal. It was reported that almost 90% of the products were sold to owners of small businesses but the sales was out of the FSA’s regulation.

There was an investigation conducted by the FSA and it has shown that some of the owners of the business were not well informed about how risky it is to purchase the said financial product. The product has the aim of protecting its borrowers from possible reforms in the interest rates on different loans. Increasing charged may occur when an interest rate would drop; in this case the customers will already have a hard time paying since it wouldn’t be affordable. This situation affected many businesses and it was published in the media since most of the business could no longer pay the added and expensive charges.

The CEO of the association also added that banks should be determined to stop the mis-selling of their products. Banks will also make reforms so that the said problem could no longer be repeated in the future. Banks like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, HSBC, and Lloyds already said that they will compensate the customers who were mis-sold by their products, although the amount that these banks will be paying their customers was not stated. Mr. Vince Cable, the Business Secretary said that it is very important that various companies affected will receive compensation especially for those who were already suffering financially.  For more information see

3 British Residents Die in Egypt

An accident occurred in Egypt early morning of Tuesday. There were tourists on board a hot air balloon in the ancient city of Luxor in Egypt. Among the tourists were three British residents. Two were from London and one was from Perth. It was reported that the hot air balloon caught fire while still flying and as it heads to the city of Luxor, it automatically fell in near a village on a sugar cane farm. There was 17 other tourist who was on board including the pilot. The Egyptian authorities have reported that 19 died from the crash. The bodies of the victims were scattered on the sugar cane field. The rescuers have placed them in a bag right after the crash.

The victims who were from London were confirmed to be Joe Bampton who was 40-years-old and his partner Suzanna Gyetvai, 34-years-old and one from Perth named Yvonne Rennie. Other dead tourists came from Japan, Hongkong, and France. After the hot air balloon crash last Tuesday, the officials in the city of Luxor have already banned other hot air balloon from flying.

According to the investigation, the balloon has exploded and caught fire and fell on the field. Egyptian farmers who were able to witness the incident said that they have seen most of the passengers on fire, their suit was on fire and most of them tried to escape the balloon and unfortunately they did not make it. The British Ambassador to Egypt upon hearing the incident went to the hospital to see the victims. There were flowers outside the house of the Rennies and one of the neighbors of the couple who died in the crash also said that the couple have mentioned about their trip and that they would be taking the hot air balloon flight. The neighbor said that both were adventurous.

Son Killed Parents to have his Inheritance

Stephen Seddon is a man who stands accused of murdering his own parents. He did this just to get his inheritance amounting to £231,000.

The case of Stephen Seddon was heard in court after investigations and evidence emerged. The 46 year old a father of three was having  financial problems for a period of time. His parents provided him and his family the house they were residing in and a car but for the accused son it was not enough. He had made other plans to get out of his difficulties – to get his inheritance.

His first attempt at killing his parents involved a car accident that they were involved in. The elderly couple survived the accident despite his best attempts to end their lives at that moment. Appallingly, he then pretended to be the heroic son who saved them just in time.  He then went on to murder his parents another way.

The sad act came to its conclusion in July 2012. Robert and Patricia Seddon, aged 68 and 65 respectively, were found dead at their house in Sale.

Evidence has emerged that Stephen Seddon had boasted to others about an upcoming inheritance weeks before the murders took place.  He planned to use the money from the inheritance to, ironically, help his own teenage son set set up a business.

A Study claimed that Middle Class Children are Fatter

Often times the other people would conclude that malnutrition is due to poverty in the country. There are a lot of malnourished children in the world. One vivid example is the children in Africa which has raised eyebrows from the citizens all over the world. The high percentage of impoverished families in Africa was already alarming. The United Nations have already sent their support to lessen the severity of the situation.

In other news, a study that what published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that the children who belong in the Middle class are bigger compared to those who are poor. The study also includes the chances of middle class children to likely become obese than those who are from poor and rich families. The study was participated by a number of 13,333 children and ages between eleven and twelve years old. The study of Dr. Claire Griffiths contradicts the statement of the Public Health Minister, Ms. Anna Soubry. The minister said that someone’s background can be identified by their weight.

In England, it was found out that the rate of obesity was a little higher in socially deprived locations like some parts of Tyneside and East of London. It came out that in the said deprived areas a percent of ten were found out obese and they were aged 10. In some of the rich areas, one-eight were said to be obese. The said study was to find out the number of obese children and where most likely will it come from. Awareness is also one the main reasons why the studies about Obesity are published.